Raquel Fagundo

Collections Manager, Non-molluscan Invertebrates

11 West Jones Street, Raleigh, NC 27601


  • M.S. in Biology, Appalachian State University, 2016
  • B.S. in Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology, West Liberty University, 2014

Research Interests

Raquel is broadly interested in the systematics and evolution of invertebrates, with a particular affinity for arthropods and species complexes. Her research merges morphological, molecular, and ecological approaches. Raquel’s involvement in collections stewardship of invertebrates began in 2009, when she was instrumental in establishing the West Liberty University Astacology Collection. Since then, she has both used and maintained research collections with specimens representing several invertebrate phyla. Raquel is excited to be part of the newly established Non-Molluscan Invertebrate Unit, and the efforts to digitize and publicize the Non-Molluscan Invertebrate Collection’s holdings. She looks forward to helping advance and grow the Collection as well as collaborating and aiding in collections-based research.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Fagundo, R.A. and Loughman, Z.J. 2015. Summer food habits of female New River crayfish (Cambarus chasmodactylus) in Anthony Creek, West Virginia. Freshwater Crayfish 21(1):95-101.
  • Loughman, Z.J., R.A. Fagundo, E. Lau, S.A. Welsh, R.F. Thoma. 2013. Cambarus (C.) hatfieldi, a new species of crayfish (Decapoda: Cambaridae) from the Tug Fork River Basin of Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia, USA. Zootaxa 3750.


Fields of Research